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About Us

Medxus Ltd

MedXus is a privately owned medical equipment company headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since our incorporation in 1999, we have been providing the hospital and emergency service markets country wide with high quality medical devices and supplies, backed up by a team of frontline dedicated professionals in Sales, Customer Service and Technical support. Our behind the scenes team are the engine room of MedXus, from Finance to Warehousing, Marketing to Purchasing, each team member brings a wealth of experience and commitment to their roles.

Our portfolio of products and services span the areas of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine and we are proud to represent some of the leading multinational brand names in these fields. We select the products we represent carefully and to meet our internal standards on quality, serviceability and durability. If it doesn’t meet this set of criteria we don’t bring it to market.

GS1 Ready Status - In anticipation of the new National Product Catalogue we are very proud to say that we are GS1 ready.

Our mission statement is:

To supply quality products and service to ensure that New Zealand Healthcare providers meet their goals in the provision of quality patient care. In meeting this, MedXus wishes to establish itself as the premier medical distribution company in the country.

Key words in this statement are quality and premier. MedXus strives to be the best medical distribution company in the country – not the biggest, but the best. We aim to achieve this through quality – the provision of quality products and quality service by quality people. As such we hold AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008

Furthermore our objective is to provide this triumvirate of quality over a prolonged period of time – we do not view our role as simply supplying equipment but rather in the establishment of on-going strategic relationships with our customers to achieve mutually beneficial long-term outcomes.